Deborah Lewis Heard

Deborah Lewis Heard is a woman of God who with grace, commitment, and passion serves as the founder of Women on Purpose Ministries located in Little Rock, AR.  She also serves as the leader of the “Women of Shabach”at Shabach Praise Kingdom Center in Little Rock, AR, where Apostle Jason Nicholson serves as her spiritual overseer.

God uses Deborah to reveal the powerful meaning of God’s love and inspiration through grace.  Being a precious jewel, her personal testimony impacts the lives of women from every walk of life and many have been blessed through her ministry.

Deborah has been chosen to speak directly to the broken hearted and minister healing to those that feel like all hope is lost.  She is a very wise woman with a heart of gold.  She has compassion for those that are lost and her only goal is to deliver divine healing to the wounded souls of God’s people.