Pastor Hammond

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Sr. Pastor Calvin F. Hammond

Sr. Pastor Calvin F. Hammond

Pastor Hammond believes the first vision starts with him.  He envisions that he is to live a life that is pleasing to God, and accepted by Him.

Pastor Hammond is an empowering, motivating, uncompromising, heartfelt preacher-teacher, and senior pastor of The Church of Happy Valley Ministries, a once home church, with humbling beginnings in Benton, Arkansas.

Pastor Hammond is also an innovator & entrepreneur, who overseas his own God led self started business of 28 years.  He has served in the arm forces for 21 yrs.  After being called to the ministry, he shared the Gospel to a countless number of military personnel. Pastor Hammond loves people of all stages or walks of life.  So, it would not be surprising to find him ministering the word of God in the streets, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, and especially on his secular job.
A father of two with wife Penny, Pastor Hammond credits God as the true source of his perseverance and internal motivated self-reliance.

Pastor Hammond seeks an atmosphere where people can worship God in spirit and in truth.  He believes everyone should have the opportunity to get knowledge and wisdom on how live a victoriously life in Christ Jesus.