How to Join

Without a church home, or have not accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, The Church of Happy Valley Ministries would like to extend an invitation to unite with us. You may accept the Invitation to Discipleship during one of our worship services, or you may meet the pastor directly after worship services.

During every worship service (Invitation to Discipleship) the pastor will come to a point where he asks you to pray. If you feel God has spoken or is speaking to your heart, you would leave your seat and walk towards the altar where Pastor is normally standing. If you are unsaved, this is the first step towards you accepting Christ as your Personal Savior. If you are saved, but do not have a church home, this serves as your first step towards reuniting with the Body of Christ, and connecting with our church family.

Someone who has accepted the invitation to Discipleship is not required to speak before the church. A new member’s representative will escort you to a designated area for brief discussion of the details of your membership here at The Church of Happy Valley Ministries.

If you would like to speak to Pastor concerning your desire to make a Public Commitment to Christ during the worship service, we are here to accommodate you.
Please call the church office to arrange an appointment.

“Making Disciples to Make a Difference”

To make a difference, disciples must first prepare ourselves for service. This requires that each member get connected by making a Membership Connection:

By accepting the Invitation to Discipleship at The Church of Happy Valley Ministries, not only is you declaring Christ as your Lord and Savior, but you now demonstrate a desire to fellowship with and be nurtured by this body of believers. The first step in making that happen is to getting to know your church family. The New Members Orientation Session will serve as your first
point-of-contact for information about our church, and an over view of the beliefs and functions of the church usually facilitated by pastor.

The Church of Happy Valley Ministries’ responsibility is to initiate in building a relationship with our new members that will eventuate into life-long connections with the church membership in particular, and the community overall.

The next thing to do following new members orientation is to complete Discipleship I. This class is offered normally during Sunday school.